Monday, 30. May 2005

Suits me fine

In Marcus Reinfried's essay"Can Radical Constructivism Achieve a Viable Basis for Foreign Language Teaching? - A Refutation of the 'Wolff-Wendt' Theorem", I just found an idea that I really like:
The phenomenal world is a mixture of mimesis (the mirroring of ontic reality) and construction, in which both factors amalgamate, because they cannot clearly be separated from each other.
In other words, Reinfried assumes "doubling";

Phenomenal World = Construction + Mimesis

If I assume (as the Constructivist that I seem to be) that Phenomenal World = Actor, the above corresponds nicely to Meyerhold's Formula

Actor = Creator + Medium

Right, this looks circular, but it isn't, really: since the Theory of Identification posits that, with the exception of the case of madness, identification is never complete, but an ideal that the Creator should aspire to without ever reaching it (if he does, the game is over for him), I get circularity with small random variations. Which suits me fine, since this seems to be how biological replication works, too.

Addendum: To anybody who concludes that I expect a correlation between gene expression and verbal expression to exist - you're right. "You are your material", Actor = Nature + Nurture, etc...

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