Juergen Pirner's Task List

(A task, in the sense of this list, is something that a client/user does to test a chatterbot or other form of NLP-AI. Common to these tasks are their high frequency combined with their randomness - you know that most clients submit one or more of them, but you can't tell which and when, and it might be right in the middle of what you take to be your strongest bot process. Where it can lead to crucial failure, if no counter-strategies and -tactics are in place.)

* damaging / technical / preprocessing / normalization
- text-flooding (typing a huge number of characters to overload
the bot)
- event-flooding (repeatedly hitting the enter key, or reloading the
- code input (typing html, php or other script code)
- whitespace- and character-flooding (repeatedly hitting the
space key or any other key)
- trim whitespace and punctuation ( can you read
.......,,,,,,,,, this ??????)
- character-repeating (hhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee yoooouuuuuuu)
- punctuation normalization (that 's right ,I ' m okay,do you know
- strange characters (you are a ¿%œªƒ†•¬?)
- smilies :-))

* spelling
- typos ("I wnat yuo too andertsand me")
- grammar errors ("What do you meaning?")
- slang ("Wanna playin' da phuckin' fool ere?")

* annoying
- blank input (just hitting the enter key without typing content)
- mimiking binary speech ("01100011101001")
- big numbers (entering numbers bigger than x digits)
- dotted text ("c.a.n.y.o.u.r.e.a.d.t.h.i.s")
- expanded text ("c a n y o u r e a d t h i s")
- repeating words ("kill kill dog dog dog dog")
- typing nonsense ("dsfdh jkjjh")

* impolite
- calling the candidate names ("do you understand me, dimwit")
- calling the candidate a machine ("a machine like you", "what's
up, robot?")
- using in general foul or profane language

* ignorance
- repeatedly changing the subject
- avoiding the subject
- monosybilic replies ("okay", "right", "what?")
- repeatedly asking knowledge questions
- asking counter questions instead of giving answers ("Did
you?", "Can you?", "Such as?")

* copy-cat / parrot / echo / mocking
- repeating the candidate's reply completely
- repeating the candidate's reply partly
- the user is repeating his own utterances

* system tasks
- tell time
- tell date
- tell current month
- tell current day of the week

* lexical
- asking knowledge questions
- asking for a word definition
- asking math questions
- translate from / into different language

* manner of speech
- longwinded speech ("I would like to ask you if it's possible that
you might ...")
- chaining sentences ("I do. You know that. I am right. Do you
- welter of words without punctuation ("I do you know that I am
right do you understand?")
- monosybilic

* linguistic matching
- yes-no answers / replies
- get a joke
- get a riddle
- get irony / sarcasm
- get subject of conversation
- get a listing
- getting noise words ("errm", "umpff", "arrrgh")

* memory
- remember given facts ("what is my name?")
- remember the topic ("what are we talking about?")
- remember the conversation ("What was the first thing I told
you? What did I say two sentence before?")

* entertainment
- tell a story / make up a story
- tell / compose a poem
- tell a joke
- play a game
- riddle me

* trick questions
- logic questions ("What color is a blue apple")
- mindpixel questions ("Is an elephant bigger than New York?",
"Is water dry?", "Is the sky green?")
- deduction questions ("How many legs do two cats have?")
- decision questions ("what is the difference between a dog and
a handkerchief?")

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