You know something? Optimal simulation of storytelling is NP-hard for Grand Argument Stories.

Proof: A GAS can be encoded as an extended regex (a regular expression that includes backreferences to its own states previously in the processing). The GRAPH 3-COLORABILITY problem, which is known to be NP-hard, can be reduced to regex matching with backreferences. Thus, a GAS is equivalent to GRAPH 3-COLORABILITY in computational complexity: NP-hardness (at least).

Therefore, given some interactive storytelling system that refers to a GAS structure, finding compression algorithms that increase the system's storytelling efficiency - save some computational resources, particulary at runtime, by reusing objects - is possible, but none can be found that can compress the informational substrate, namely, the foundational Character Elements and their quad-wise interplay. Storytelling effectiveness - which I measure as "number of pleasant surprises per player per session" - can only ever be increased by human authors. Everything that's not reused - i.e., all "information" in the sense of (Algorithmic) Information Theory - needs to be thought-out and written before program execution, if the GAS structure is to be preserved during the interaction

Okay then. At least I know what's up.
Magical - 14. Jun, 09:18

How do you feel when you receive no comments?
How can theatre arts make a living to the most practical extent?

scheuring - 14. Jun, 10:24

I feel fine.

I know someone will comment on it soon :-)

Theatre arts make a living same as ever, by going from town to town, play, grow an audience, &c.

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I feel fine.
I know someone will comment on it soon :-) Theatre...
scheuring - 14. Jun, 10:24
How do you feel when...
How do you feel when you receive no comments? How can...
Magical - 14. Jun, 09:19
Thanks, Brian,
for this interesting invitation. Since, by your own...
scheuring - 15. May, 10:33
AI-Foundation Panel
Dirk, I like the thinking. Because of that expertise,...
Brian Hoecht - 13. May, 22:05
you're welcome.
scheuring - 29. Apr, 16:29
thanks scheuring!
Cool, that seems to cover most of the basics. Definitely...
drgold - 28. Apr, 05:41
Top 400
About five years ago (pre-ProgramD), the "standard"...
scheuring - 22. Apr, 14:55


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