Hello world. My name is Dirk Scheuring, and I create chatbots (a.k.a. chatterbots, bots, talking robots, conversational characters, interactive characters, etc.). Bots are a form of Artificial Intelligence - AI, for short. To write my bots, I use a programming language called Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML). Together with Anne Kootstra, I founded, a website which distributes (mainly) FOSS tools and information about their use to AIML authors/programmers.

The awkward compound term "AIML authors/programmers" warrants some attention: in the academic "discipline" (or "cross-discipline", or "meta-discipline", or whatever) called AI, there's a budding "sub-discipline" called Narrative Intelligence, and it's there where my interest in AI is focused. There are various definitions, by various people, of what NI is, or could be. More than in definitions, however, I'm interested in working examples.

Today, most of the people who come up with such examples seem to emerge from one of two professional backgrounds: they start their self-education in designing and implementing interactive characters as either authors or programmers. In terms of science as a whole, authors can be categorized as belonging to the humanities culture ("author" as synonym to "storyteller"), and programmers as belonging to the natural sciences culture ("programmer" as synonym to "engineer"). To make a long story short: I believe that, to create the best possible chatbots, a botmaster has to have and use both storytelling and engineering skills. So here's my Assumption #1:

author = programmer = Creator

That means from on here, I see neither authors nor programmers - I only see Creators.

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Thanks, Brian,
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you're welcome.
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thanks scheuring!
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