Here are some queries I just googled, with the number of hits I got in parentheses:

"artificial intelligence" (12700000)
"artificial intelligence" actor (144000)
"artificial intelligence" actor -Spielberg -movie (72400)
"artificial intelligence" "method actor" -Spielberg -movie (28)

"narrative intelligence" (3770)
"narrative intelligence" actor (186)
"narrative intelligence" actor -Spielberg -movie (121)
"narrative intelligence" "method actor" -Spielberg -movie (4)

First discovery: Robot Soul scores top position for the last query, on day 6 after launch. This means that there are some other researchers out there, but my page rank is better. Niceness. I'll have a close look at the [pdf] other [pdf] documents [doc] later.

As it seems, there are three of them containing the term combination, all of them dating from 2004. So on first look, it seems that the meme that includes both the concept of "artificial intelligence" and "method actor" is weak, but it is. It's not some "original idea" attributable exclusively to yours truly (= "madness"?), but something that obviously has occured to some people recently, those occurences seemlingly happening independent of one another (I, for one, don't know any of the other people who wrote about what does or doesn't connect "artificial intelligence" and "method actor" - yet!). Is that characteristic for a meme? I would say it is.

Second discovery: Dennis Jerz reads me. This is an honor. Jerz hosts a mad good Eliza. He also was puzzled by a suggestion of mine; I'll post about that later.

Third discovery: now I seem to have it all - no talent, plus no originality. Anatoly, here I come!

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